Whitney Hudson Bio Photo

Whitney Hudson

Program Director, Marketing Director
Whitney encourages people to contemplate and explore their creative practice on a deeply personal level.
Rev. Samuel Hall Bio Photo

Rev. Samuel Hall, Jr.

Men's Spirituality Director
Rev. Hall provides men an opoortunity to explore, to examine, and share their spirituality.
Mackenzie Robinson Bio Photo

Mackenzie Robinson

Systems Director
Mackenzie brings an introspective, philosophical approach to the Labyrinth and helps people achieve a more contemplative life.
Denise Rubin Bio Photo

Denise Rubin

Indigenous Spirituality Guide
Denise integrates the Labyrinth with Native American Spirituality to help people reconnect with the rhythms of the Earth.
Rev. Leah Hudson | Profile Image

Rev. Leah Hudson

Spiritual Director
Rev. Hudson provides a sacred space for you to experience your wholeness and your own unique expression of Divine grace.
Todd Robinson Bio Photo

Todd Robinson, N.D.

Health & Wellness Director
Todd focuses on the use of complementary and integrative natural medicine for achieving optimal health.